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Getting (and staying) ahead of the curve.

Businesses find themselves under increasing pressure to yield healthy profits. Employees need to do more, faster, better. A positive attitude and good work ethic aren’t enough--concrete time-management skills need to be learned and applied.

Why strain under the pressure of feeling overwhelmed and unfocused? Instead, you could use less energy by focusing on what to do, when to do it and (perhaps most redeeming) what NOT to do.

And besides—when you work more efficiently, you can fit more fun into your life!


We're right there with you

Rivka Caroline is an organizing and time-management expert, business-productivity consultant and speaker.

Rivka uses techniques and observations from her training in psychology--as well as running her own business and raising seven children—to create highly effective teaching. Practical examples and easily-learned methods appear in her presentations at international conferences, national and local forums and various workplace settings.

Rivka's company, SoBeOrganized, is dedicated to using her philosophies and methods to provide a customized range of practical solutions that transform the way individuals and companies function.


How We Deliver

What is our end goal? We want time management to be a simple and organic part of how your people manage their day, as well as how they interact with each other and your customers.

And so we listen to you. Once we understand the inner workings of your team, we then create, develop and teach time-management plans. These plans are simple, effective, and guaranteed to last long after we have left your side. We provide a blend of learning options:




“Rivka has the ability to quickly understand a process and improve it. She asks all the right questions, sparking creative and positive changes that increase productivity and profits. A must for managing partners.”
Steve Goldstein, Esq.
Pozo, Goldstein & Gomez, LLP.

“I am most impressed by the sustainability of Rivka's work. When I see the doctors’ desks so organized all these months later, I realize what a tremendous job Rivka did teaching them.”
Ian Reiss, MD.

Reiss, Kang, Burks, Jayanetti & Pereda, MD, PA

“The workshop has been transformative in my organizational process. I feel vastly more in control of my time and have significantly reduced distractions. . . They really have been effective several months down the line, so thank you!”
Isaac Wagner
Sr. Strategic Analyst
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


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